Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A ban on publication to Protect Liberals' Reputations?

update: J.J. McCullough,'s offering fits here nicely. Please check out his blog.

More and more this issue looks smells and feels just like dogshit.

If it looks like dogshit; if it smells like dogshit; and if it feels like dogshit, we really don't need a judge to tell us not to step in it too.

Our government, and increasingly our Judges, have over the years placed greater and greater rusticating on our freedoms. Human rights tribunals, operating with unimpeachable immunity, force their accused to prove their innocence, in contravention of the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." The government, at the behest of a tiny, but astute minority, is well on the way to outlawing Christianity as hateful to homosexuals. And now, after years of rumors and verified stories of Liberal wrongdoing, mismanagement, and possible outright thievery, Justice Gomery has tried to ban publication of the damning testimony of former GroupAction executive, Jean Brault.

CP, Jean Brault, formerly of GroupAction

All supposedly, to prevent any future jurors from being prejudiced should any of the people named in Brault's testimony face prosecution in the future.

Looks like dogshit to me.

My disappointment in Gomery grows greater and deeper as they come closer and closer to pissing away just as much money looking for the truth as the Liberals lost/mismanaged/misappropriated/ or just plain stole from the sponsorship program. Gomery let former PM Jean Chretien skate right through his testimony unscathed, and now he's tried to stuff cotton in our collective ears.

The rumours from Brault's testimony are damning. So much so that the Alberta Liberal Party is considering a Name Change in order to distance themselves from the Federal arm of their party.
Yup, smells like dogshit too. (or pigshit, according to Kate at Small Dead Animals)

Canadian Bloggers are upset and chafing at this restriction of a Charter right. In the age of the internet repressive regimes like China can't prevent their citizens from finding out the truth.

So go ahead, poke Gomery and the Liberals in the eye. He deserves it. Then hit a search engine and find out the truth for yourself.

It sure seems like dogshit.

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