Thursday, April 07, 2005

Not the whole story, as usual

The Mad Ogre has two younger brothers serving in Iraq, and their latest email proves the media is presenting an incomplete view of events in Iraq. Both were at Abu Ghraib Saturday, when 40 to 60 terrorists attacked.

The fight lasted about 40 minutes, and the terrorists attacking the Prison were handily repulsed. Various News reports at the time claimed 1 terrorist was killed and 44 Americans were wounded.

NPR reported 6 Americans badly wounded, 40 more hurt, and 13 detainees injured. 4 of the 5 stories on their webpage were about American casualties. NO MENTION was made of terrorist casualties.

The Guardian reported 44 Americans with light wounds, and 12 prisoners injured. One terrorist confirmed dead, but more confirmations expected later.

CNN reported on both Saturday and Sunday that 44 Americans and 13 prisoners were hurt.

BBC reported one militant killed, but confirmation of more was expected later.

Associated Press’s Miriam Fam wrote Sunday that it was 44 Americans and 12 prisoners wounded.

Then on Monday, using AP sources, ABC news reported the Military was claiming at least 50 “insurgents” injured, but only one killed.

Australia's SBS news carried part of an al-Qaida statement that 3 of their people died in the attack, and seven others died later.

WTF? al-Qaida?

You can read the entire portion of his brother’s email he chose to publish here, look for the entry labeled Wednesday, April 6th, 2005: 2100hrs. In part, it reads:

"Yo! I think the news reports are saying that one insurgent died. Not true at all. We only found one body, but that's because they drag their dead away. However, there is a ditch surrounding Abu Ghraib and the Marines that manned the towers said that they were literally mowing fools down. IN the morning everyone saw the ditch, it was filled with body parts. I'm sorry, but you find someone's jaw, I'd count that as a kill, but I'm not the defense department.”

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