Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope elected. CBC news is despondant.

So there's a new Pope, Benedict the 16th.

I cycled through the TV cable news stations like a spasmatic junkie, before settling on two. One, on TV and live over the internet, www.ewtn.com for an honest Catholic perspective.

I had to turn the bloody CBC off, as their dogged message of gloom and dissatisfaction with the Catholic church was beginning to make me ill. On CBC one this morning, and then on Newsworld, commentator after commentator virtually demanded that the Cardinals choose as Pope a man who would allow the church to sway with the winds of contemporary fashion. As opposed to John Paul II, who stood against fashion and in favour of holding to the unchanging truths of the Gospel.

Their disappointment as Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, emerged into the camera's view was palpable. The only good thing I can think about that is, as moral compasses go if the CBC doesn't like it, it's got to be good.

Viva im Papas.

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